Welcome to the Shoulder Riding Club!

This is a casual social club with a unique concept. It stems from discovering that a number of women refuse to go to many events because they can't see a thing and they get crushed by the crowd. They would love to attend the event but can't have fun when they can't see anything. We also discovered that a number of men are still chivalrous and more than willing to help the ladies get a better view from their shoulders. So why not get the two sides together and create a win-win for both parties. That's the fundamental reason this club was formed. It's a chance for people to attend events and have a really good time. It's all about making new friends and having fun with no strings attached. We do a lot of other activities that don't involve shoulder riding such as salsa dancing, movies, hiking, anything the members want to do. But when there's a big crowd and the ladies can't see, the guys are there to help out.

Interesting Facts
History is amazing. We had no idea all this existed! Shoulder riding is an activity that has taken place around the world for thousands of years. Many years ago in Tahiti there was a law which stated that if any member of the Tahitian Royal Family stepped on another person's lands, that land became the property of the Royal Family. Since the King did not want the peasants to lose their land and starve, the Royal Family would ride on the shoulders of men whose job it was to carry the Royal Family everywhere they went. Eventually men were bred and raised specifically for the purpose of carrying the Royal Family. It was considered an honor to have this position. The Royal Family would ride these men for many miles as they toured the villages. There is a famous painting in a museum depicting the Royal Family mounted on the shoulders of these men.

There are also many accounts of famous people such as Aristotle who enjoyed carrying his wife and even Cleopatra enjoyed shoulder riding. In Africa, there were some tribes where the women would ride men as they traveled to neighboring villages. Shoulder riding was also part of many of the best Roman parties and festivities and even dates back to biblical times when people would celebrate. Check out the "Gallery" if you want to see how many famous people enjoy shoulder riding.

Today in Europe there is a famous annual event called the "Wife Carrying Contest" where men carry their wives or girlfriends over a long obstacle course. The winners are the couple that can do the obstacle course in the fastest time. People enter the competition from various parts of Europe and it is a very popular festival. The winners get a trophy and an amount of beer equal to the weight of the woman. It's really a big drunk fest! This contest was developed as an offshoot of the days when men would raid villages and steal the women, often carrying them on their shoulders as a way to carry their prize home.

In Mexico there is an annual festival where men dress as horses and the women ride on their shoulders. In South America, women frequently ride on men's shoulders in parades at the Carnival in Rio while dressed in lavish costumes or in some cases, wearing next to nothing. In New Orleans at Mardis Gras, women ride on men's shoulders as they party in the streets. People shoulder ride at concerts, beaches, parks… almost anywhere. Sometimes shoulder riding is incorporated into halloween costumes. In general, shoulder riding is fairly common around the world. It is even incorporated in TV Game Shows, circuses and cheerleading.

In Texas they have the "Texas Rodeo" where they line up a whole bunch of shot glasses filled with tequila on each side of the shallow end of a swimming pool. The ladies get on the guys shoulders and they race back and forth from end to end repeatedly. Each time a couple reaches the end of the pool, they each have to take a shot of tequila and race to the other end. The winners are the couple that drank the most shots without losing their balance and falling in the pool. Basically the last couple standing are the winners.

The BIG Revelation
The one common denominator in all the festivities is that shoulder riding seems to symbolize having a REALLY good time. Even at events that could be considered boring, if there is a couple that is shoulder riding, they always seem to be having a good time. For this reason, the philosophy of this club is to try and incorporate shoulder riding into social activities to enhance the activity and make it a lot more fun! It also has tremendous practical purposes for Ladies who have difficulty seeing over a crowd at a public event and could use a set of shoulders to sit on. At last you can enhance the pleasure of attending such a public event by contacting a club member and asking their participation with no strings attached. There are still men who enjoy being chivalrous and ladies who enjoy the assistance when the need arises. Obviously not everyone enjoys shoulder riding and some people may find our concept strange or "kinky"... but then some people think the Beatles wrote "devil" music and some people think sex outside of marriage is a sin and some people think it's okay to spend a whole day at an event and not see a thing. BORING!!!!! Each to his own, but for those who find shoulder riding fun, it makes sense to get a group together and start enjoying events to the max!!

Purpose of the Club
The main purpose of this social club is to have FUN through casual get-togethers and outings. It is a chance for people to meet other people with common interests and for them to get together for whatever activities they enjoy. There is no limit to the activities we may choose to do other than our imagination.

There is no membership fee. Members are only responsible for their own cost when participating in an activity that may require ticket purchase or other costs. By coincidence there is an equal balance of men and woman in the club which makes things great for everyone.

As stated in the purpose, other than our imagination there is no limit to the activities we can enjoy. Any suggestion is welcome and there is no obligation for all members to attend an event if it doesn't interest them. Some suggestions are:

Beach Fun
Swimming (pools, lakes, etc.)
Parade spectators
Polar Bear Swim spectators
Fireworks spectators
Festivals such as Caribbean Days, Greek Days, etc.

Check out the Calendar of Events for more specifics.

Contact us if you want to have fun and thank you for your interest!